About Us

Founders: Dale Hildebrandt-Slatem and Jacqui Buchan 

Hurricane Dry was established in 1994. Dale Hildebrandt-Slatem and Jacqui Buchan where the founders of Hurricane Dry, Dale became the sole member in 1999 and worked in the business for 20 years, with 30 years experience in the Hygiene industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge of hygiene products to the table, and sourcing superior products to import into South Africa. In 2014 Dale retired and her daughter, Claudia Wells  took over the family run business. Claudia has worked within Hurricane Dry since 2003 and the hygiene industry is not something new to her.  Ashley Wells (husband and wife team) joined Hurricane Dry is 2013 as a partner and focuses on the technical side of things.

Hurricane Dry has been the sole importer for the Vortice range of hand dryers, wall mounted heaters and hair dryers since opening its door in 1994. The Vortice range of hand dryers are well know in the South African market for their top quality design and manufacturing, offering our clients a range that is set to last for years to come. In recent years Hurricane Dry has added a few extra quality products to our range due to the current challenging economic situation South Africans are facing. 2020 Hurricane Dry will be teaming up with Comac Corporation to bring the South African market the newest intelligent hand dryers and the only kind in the SA market.

At Hurricane Dry we strive to offer our clients top quality products with great service. We are based in Cape Town, however we do distribute nationally and internationally. 

For any further information on our range of products please dont hesitate to get in touch with Claudia or Ashley, they are always willing to assist.

Tel: 021 705 0413

Email: sales@hurricanedry.co.za